An optimal flow for a body and soul in harmony.


Shandithi kinesiology is a type of therapy where you activate love, joy and harmony. The body intelligence activates and creates healing of an unbalance within the system. When all our systems are in coherence the body produces all the subjects needed for healing to take place, at a bodily and spiritual level. 

We could for example carry an emotional or physical imbalance. When we let go of fear, we allow the body and soul to start a healing process within the whole system and coherence comes as a result of it. Therefor we can easier feel joy, love and harmony. It can also bring the energy back, which gives you the focus and inspiration in life.

This state of mind is being upheld when you regularly do the Shandithi meditation, which means that your body can heal physical symptoms in the long run. With this type of kinesiology we can contribute to an optimum flow in the whole system and that also makes it easier to get in touch with our feelings.