How it all started

The founder of the Shandithi concept is a Swedish man called Ken Lavendell. He created a moving meditation which later on developed into a whole concept. By translating codes and symbols Ken has found a way to balance destructive thought patterns, so that they can not root with our senses and our conscious mind. This method synchronizes and balances the whole of you, including the energy system. It entangles the heart, body and mind. Therefor he has produced something unique.

It was important to Ken that this meditation not is connected to a special dogm, religion or guru. The meditation is programmed to be infinite and to be able to entangle your energy system to the energy flows connected on this planet.

You don’t need any previous experience in meditating. You can easily learn to get a better focus in your life through this technique. When you become aware of your breathing, your real journey in life begins.