The symbol of Shandithi

The Triangle is the most basic unit of all structures in our universe and therefor also the symbol of Shandithi. The design creates a spiral of infinit energy that effects animals, humans, plants and even our planet. On the inside of the triangle there is a clockwise and a counterclockwise energy movement, which creates a spiraling movement in the middle. 

That means that it can activate joy, love and harmony.

The Shandithi triangle is activated and designed at a certain frequency. Its unique measurements create a special frequency, that will influence the surroundings to achieve a harmonic balance. This certain energy enhances the healing in our system and balances what needs to heal together with our own body intelligence.

It is being used as a beautiful jewelry and/or for healing of our subtle energy system. It has been successfully used when healing, energy centers (chakras), acupuncture points and physical symtoms.

It also works well with water, plants and animals.

You can find the jewelry among products.