Balance and coherence with all that you are is of great importance to be able to feel good. We can call the parts you consist of, Ego, Soul and Great Spirit. A harmonic state is reached when there is coherence between all these parts. To be in balance or in coherence you have to give yourself time to sense your intuition.

The love

The love.
In order to love somebody else, you must first love yourself, since the people you meet are a reflection, a mirror image of you, your thoughts and your inner state. Joy bubbles up in the wake of love, and activates the hormone system to produce life-supporting substances, which in turn encourage the body’s senses to enjoy life, to be generous and to love everybody and everything.

What Shandithi is

This is where I share my thoughts about what Shandithi has given me. The short film shows you what Shandithi can be. Let’s see if this will change your life.

Jenny Georgsson

Infinite harmony

Resonance and coherence